Will Smith planning future after co-star’s Oscar controversy

Will Smith is planning to return as a ‘better man’ after slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars earlier this year.

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This latest revelation about the King Richard star comes from his former co-star Bai Ling, who was seen with him in Wild Wild West, who told The Sun she hopes Smith and Rock reconcile soon.

Not only that, but Ling expressed his thoughts on Smith’s return to Hollywood after Slap effectively ostracized Smith from the industry.

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The mistake he made was not a good one. This needs to be recognized and changed. We all fall, but it’s time to rise. We reconsider and become more enlightened.

He said, “When he (Smith) comes back, he will be a much better person. He will have more humility and more power to influence people. We have to be forgiving – we all make mistakes.”

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The comment came even as The Rock apparently refused to accept Smith’s apology for the slap earlier this year.

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Ling also spoke on Smith’s Academy Award ban. “It’s not that important. He can still do his films. As long as he can work, he’s fine. That’s his concern. The most successful actor, it’s not about fame or getting an Academy Award, It’s that they love what they do.

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