Ryan Grantham Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Killing Mother

Ryan Grantham has been sentenced to 14 years in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of his mother.

The court sentence for second-degree murder was handed to him on September 21 by Columbia Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Carr, British in Vancouver.

Canadian state law already had a foregone and the only real clown was

How long will Grantham now have to wait 24 before applying for parole

Leo Award nominee Grantham shot her 64-year-old mother, Barbara White, in the back of the head at home in Squamish in the North on March 31, 2020

Second degree murder in BC. From age 10 he is not eligible for parole until age 25.

In that regard, at sentencing hearings earlier this year, prosecutors recommended granting a maximum of 18 years' probation.

The former actor's legal team had suggested 12 years as an appropriate punishment for him.