tensions flare between Malika Andrews Stephen A. Smith over Ime Udoka

Stephen A. In "First Take", there was tension between Smith and Malika Andrews over the Ime Udoka scandal.

ESPN's talent would eventually land the plane in the segment, but it started with fierce fighting from both sides.

The 27-year-old host of "NBA Today" Andrews called into the show after the Celtics held a press conference on Udoka.

"If I may start it off first: Stephen A, with all due respect, this is not about finger-pointing.

Stop it," Andrews said. "What became clear to me at this press conference is that we don't have all the information here.

It was disappointing, to me, that the Celtics refused to elaborate or provide more information about

Andrews said it stood up to him that Brad Stevens was troubled by the "massive Twitter bull-t" hurled at women in the Celtics organization on social media this week