‘Malika Andrews’ Conquered a Dark Past Before Becoming an NBA Reporter

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Malika Andrews provides sideline coverage for ESPN’s NBA coverage as a seasoned veteran. Considering she’s only 25, made her ESPN debut last season in Orlando on the NBA bubble, and is just a few years away from working as a reporter covering Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels.

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Andrews’ rapid rise to the top of the sports media world happened almost overnight. However, don’t confuse this with low achievement or lack of hard work. It is quite the opposite. He is dedicated to his craft, focused and driven. His success so early in his career is remarkable, especially when you consider what he has accomplished. More than a decade ago, Andrews was in a very dark place.

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The rise of Malika Andrews in the world of sports media

After growing up in Oakland, California, Malika Andrews attended the University of Portland to study communications. In Oregon, she befriended some people who worked for the school newspaper and wanted to join them. He started his career as a sports journalist with a single post in the sports department.

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She wrote quality content and excelled. Over the next few years, she moved up the ranks, becoming sports editor and then editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. He has received awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Association of Black Journalists, and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Malika Andrews Conquered a Dark Past Before Becoming an NBA Reporter

Malika Andrews received her bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors. After college, he took a job at The Denver Post before moving to the Big Apple as the James Reston Reporting Fellow in the sports department of The New York Times. She stayed there for a year before working as a sports reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

Malika Andrews joins ESPN

In 2018, Malika Andrews joined ESPN as a reporter for the site covering the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks. A year later, she returned to New York to cover the Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.

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Things continued to develop for Andrews, and he began making television appearances at the start of the 2019–20 NBA season. Then the pandemic hit. When the NBA returned from hiatus four months later, Andrews was one of the first reporters at the ESPN World of Sports Complex to detail his experience living in the bubble.

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When the game started, she provided insightful sideline reports as if she had been doing this for years. In September, Andrews showed a personal side when she opened up on SportsCenter when she spoke to Scott Van Pelt about the players’ reaction to a grand jury refusing to indict officers in Breonna Taylor’s death. was for. was declined.

Malika Andrews said, “I pride myself on being objective and being able to cover these types of issues.” “But when it’s so clear that the system of objectivity in journalism is so whitewashed and ignored that when I’m climbing, my wonderful producer reminds me that Breonna Taylor was 26 and I was 25. “, and that could have been me. It is very difficult to keep working and these players felt the same way.”

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In his youth, he rebels and struggles with an eating disorder

Malika Andrews eloquently expressed her own feelings and those of the black community that night in Orlando. It was a far cry from the young teenage girl in California who had no control over her emotions or her life more than a decade ago.

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At age 14, Andrews told the New York Post that she was “angry, sad and anxious.” She got separated from her family and left her studies. He was expelled from school. And she developed an eating disorder.

“I struggled with cutting back and purging. It’s not really anorexia or bulimia. It’s more anorexia than bulimia, but it doesn’t fit neatly into a box I spent years treating. ” Spent.” I’ve learned that most eating disorders don’t fit into a box.’

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When things quickly spiraled out of control, she turned to her parents for help. He was sent to a one-year therapeutic boarding school in Utah. It was the best thing that could have happened to him.

She turned her life around and graduated at the age of 17. After a year at her grandfather’s civil rights law firm, she decided to move to Portland and begin a career in journalism.

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The life story and career of Malika Andrews is inspiring. And to think that they are just getting started.

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