great upgrade update for older iPhone, The iPhone 14 has been launched in India at the price of Rs 79,900

Apple iPhone 14 looks pretty similar to last year’s iPhone 13. But that shouldn’t deter people looking to upgrade from older iPhones or mid-range Android phones. As we discovered in our iPhone 14 review, it’s a phone worth buying.

iPhone 14 launched in India priced at Rs 79,900.
The iPhone 14 is similar to the iPhone 13 and has similar hardware.
For older iPhone users, the iPhone 14 offers a decent upgrade path.

Earlier this month, Apple launched the iPhone 14 alongside his iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro was a major update with a new chipset and Dynamic Island. We reviewed the iPhone 14 Pro separately, so you can read it here.So why is the iPhone 14 Pro a bigger update and not the iPhone 14? That’s because the iPhone 14 not only shares the looks of the iPhone 13, but it also shares core hardware, including the chipset. Don’t let your feelings for the iPhone 14 distract you. As we pointed out in this review, this phone could just be an iterative update  some say Apple should have called it the iPhone 13S – but it’s still a three- or four-year-old iPhone or mainstream his android phone.

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