Espn ‘Malika Andrews’ Warriors Take Stirs Up Controversy

Malika Andrews is one of the most respected sports broadcasters in sports today.

With the NBA season starting this week, Andrews recently hosted a show where he made his predictions for 2022-23.

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Richard Jefferson presented what seemed to be an undeniable look on his face.

Andrews, for whatever reason, had a strong reaction.

“I’m taking the Warriors out on the field,” Jefferson said. “I think they are the best team.”

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“Even if Giannis is on the field?” Andrews inquired. “Even if Kevin Durant is on the field?”

“Have you seen Steph Curry?” Jefferson returned.

“I’m just being clear,” Andrews replied.

The back-and-forth between Andrews and Jefferson led to some heated reactions on Twitter.

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This isn’t the first time Andrews has made headlines in this fashion. Between her polarizing run on the New York Knicks and high-profile alleged relationship with an ESPN employee, it seems like she’s a mainstay in the news cycle these days.

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And that doesn’t even take into account the times Klay Thompson tried to get her attention or Jordan Poole openly tried to flirt with her.

Time will tell how the Warriors fare in 2022-23, but clearly Andrews has already landed on the wrong side of the fan base.

Will the defending champion finally be able to prove her wrong?

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